The Youth Education Corner

Naslov novosti

Hub of Knowledge, Support, and Security for Youth

The Youth Education Corner, established by the Foundation for Local Democracy in 2021, aims to empower young individuals and provide specialized counseling services. Since its establishment, it has served as a hub for young people, offering counseling and information on gender-based violence, various forms of violence, protection mechanisms, and assistance, with a particular focus on prevention, safeguarding, and recognizing violence. All these services are directly accessible to youth in Sarajevo, but also to youth through BiH via electronic communication channels.

The Youth Education Corner operates through workshops conducted within schools and through direct engagement with youth.

Within this space that gathers youth, FLD shares crucial information about violence, and methods for identifying diverse forms of violence, and provides concrete guidelines for protection against it. Whether it is violence in schools, on the internet, or within families, FLD is dedicated to supporting youth in recognizing and preventing violence.

The Youth Education Corner fosters collaboration with primary and secondary schools in the Sarajevo Canton, organizing informative sessions and workshops at their request. Through this partnership, youth have the opportunity to engage with experts from the Youth Education Corner and gain deeper insights into gender-based violence.

Moreover, young individuals are encouraged to visit or contact the Youth Education Corner at any time, where they can receive individualized support and engage in meaningful conversations. Experts are readily available to address any uncertainties and provide support within a secure and confidential environment.

Join us in making a contribution together for a better society, free from violence.

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