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The manual for workshop " Cultural heritage is IN“
Today is promoted in Sarajevo , which will enable young people to have a better perception of the importance of heritage , its beauty and the threads that connect peoples in BiH .

'' Public Institution Museum of Sarajevo with its five annexes had always tended to make museums and museology closer to young people in for them adaptable way – to make museums alive institutions , where young people love to come and they are coming back ,'' said the director of the Museum of Sarajevo Amra Madzarevic.

The manual contains six workshops : about symbols ' Star among badges ', about costumes ' costumes -a-porter ' , about the culture of housing ' Kvisculture of housing ' and Workshop - Memory Module ' Planks that means life ' , Workshop on annexes of the Museum of Sarajevo ' All in Museum of Sarajevo ' and Workshop on the architecture in the area of ​ ​the Old Town .

'It is an entirely new approach to workshops , where a great team of people such as educators , historians , and museum staff have been working. Through this workshop, we want young people through play, creation and use of new technologies such as smart phones , wireless , and creating web advertising for the museum to love and visit museums ,'' Madzarevic pointed out.

From Monday Manual for workshop “Cultural heritage is IN ' will be available in the Museum of Sarajevo.

Foundation of Local Democracy with partner organizations, the Association for Intercultural Activities and saving of Bosnia and Herzegovina heritage ( AIASN ) and Almond through the same named project and cooperation with the Museum of Sarajevo has created this innovative handbook , which are conceived by professionals in the field of cultural heritage.

The project is being implemented as part of the UNDP project " Strengthening Local Democracy III - LOD III ' funded by the European Union from the IPA funds in the amount of two million euros in cooperation with the municipality of Old Town Sarajevo.