The expert team of authors of the Foundation of Local Democracy has made the Comparative analysis of the regulations and practices in the field of social work has been produced in order to review the situation of the normative framework and existing practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Serbia, the Republic of Croatia and the European Union in terms of identifying ways of scaling the number of skilled workers in the social service, the planning and functioning of the method of certification of skilled workers, available models of professional development and types of organizations that license professional workers, with special reference to the position of social activities in this respect in the FB&H.

The analysis in one place provides comparative data on the legal framework and practices in the surveyed countries and the EU legislation in relation to the current situation in the field of social work in B&H. 

As a result of the conducted comparative analysis recommendations are  created for an appropriate legislative response and a starting point for the development of public policy and its legal instrument in this area. In that regard the recommendations were presented to working group for impact assessment of the Act on the social work activities in FBIH on 18 October 2016.

The full text can be viewed at the following link.

 This Analysis has been produced with the financial assistance of the USAID Project of Strengthening Government Institutions and Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina (USAID / SGIP), implemented by the Center for International Development of the State University of New York (SUNY / CID). The ResearchFoundation of State University of New York and the Foundation of Local Democracy are responsible for the content of this Analysis, which does not necessarily reflect the opinions of USAID or the government of the USA

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