Development and promotion of health tourism in the Cross-border region Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina CROSS SPA

On 23rd July 2013, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the Sarajevo office of the Foundation of Local Democracy with three thermal spas in BiH, beneficiaries of the Project"Development and promotion of health tourism in the cross-border program Serbia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - CROSS SPA".

This Memorandum will regulate the cooperation with spas Reumal Fojnica, Terme Ilidža and Aquaterm Olovo, the three thermal spas in the cross-border regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina-Serbia, which have great potential in the field of medical tourism and the products of which will, through the implementation of this project, become part of the common tourist offer with three air spas in Serbia; Čigota in Zlatibor, Zlatar and Pribojska spas.

In order to achieve the objectives of the project, the Foundation of Local Democracy with its partners and beneficiaries of the project will work together to improve the knowledge and skills of employees in the health tourism sector through training and training related to convergence with EU standards and new trends in business, transfer of knowledge and experiences of leaders in this field, improvement of tourism infrastructure, development and promotion of joint tourism products in the cross-border area.

The project Development and promotion of health tourism in the cross-border program Serbia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - CROSS SPA is funded by European Union within  the IPA Cross-border  Cooperation Programme Serbia - Bosnia and Herzegovina. The implementation of the project activities started on 1st April 2013 and will last 18 months. The value of the project is 269,121 euros. The project sponsors are Foundation of Local Democracy from Sarajevo and the Tourist Organization of Serbia Western region of Užice. Partners of the project in BiH are Sarajevo Regional Development Agency SERDA Ltd. and the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor d.o.o. Užice (RS). The project aims to strengthen regional cooperation and sustainable economic development of the border areas of Serbia - Bosnia and Herzegovina through the establishment of the common integrated tourist offer of health tourism. This project will, through the development and marketing of the new common products of medical tourism, improve the offer in the border regions by broadening the range of tourism products that promote healthy living and responsibility for their own health.

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