Organized by the Foundation of LocalDemocracy, on Monday, October 15, in the premises of the ČIP systemscompany, a selection of the best business plansemergedafter the workshops and mentoring held by the Foundation ofLocalDemocracy in cooperation and with the support of the Surt Foundation (Barcelona),under the project " Empowerment of women in BH based on the experiences of Catalonia.


The aim of the project is to promoteeconomicempowerment of women, to improve the employmentopportunities of women as a vulnerablelabor market group, and to promotegenderequality in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Within the project, on the workshopswere attended45 women, of whom ten womenreceived the opportunity of education and mentoring to develop business plans for theirentrepreneurialideas.. 

The participantstogether with the mentors have created business plans,  business plan for opening a hairdresser's salon, a beauty salon, crafts for jewelryproduction and sale, dentalsurgery, opening a sewingcraft, opening a touristagency and sellingbeautyproducts etc - presented the jurywhoawardedgrantneeded for start-up or business growth for threeprojectsthat have met all the necessarycriteria.

Azra Džigal, a mentor and one of the jurymembers, saidthattheseinvestments would be of crucialimportance and the best investedfunds for business start-up, and thatthe projectstrengthened ten young womenwhodont need to wait for employment, becouse they areencouraged to start owning a business and theoreticalknowledge turnsintopractical. 

„The First Business Plan "Agency for Professional Orientation, Development and Counseling" is a veryinterestingtopic, a novel in approach, which can help young people and parents in order to successfullyguide young people, according to theirpreferences, where they can achieve the best resultsaccording to its characteristics. This can helptomorrow and the labor market, so that the employergets the best person for the positionhe has vacated. 

"Thesecond business plan whopassed the narrowcircle,"Dugme – a moderncroppingworkshop"is a greatcombination of old trades and new socialflows. Often the interest of "tailors" on our premises will be enhancedthrough a modernapproach to this business. In addition to the old craftsmanshipcombinescreative work with customers to participate in productcreation, and addsthis note of authenticity and intimacy. It has beenverywellinvestigated by the market, all suppliers, ways of sendingtheirproducts, highlyfocused on the opinions, wishes and needs of theirclients, follows the comments they are sending to them and strives to constantlyimprove and adapt to market demands. It does not offer just one service, but complementary, which is a good sign of trying to provide the client with a complete service for the purpose of obtaining. A business ideathat has a good chance of spreadingfurther. " 

"The third business plan is the hairdressing salon"KennyTeam". A young person, verykeen on the idea he lives and feels. It followstrends, perceives market needs and is not limited to just one type of client. What is veryimportant is the desire for lifelonglearning and perfecting, it has consistentlyemphasizedthat it wants to continue to learn, so that the client can get the best possible service. He believesthat education, in cooperation with practice, is the best recipe for success. "  

The jury for choosing the best business plan and business idea was Adisa Tufo, a successful BiH entrepreneur and CEO of ČIP systemscompany, Azra Džigal, a member of the board of directors Foundation of the LocalDemocracy and director of the Sarajevo CantonEmployment Service, Muhamed Bekto.

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