In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the German Embassy is supporting the Safe House in Sarajevo with 9.000 euros

German Ambassador Margret Uebber handed over a donation worth 9.000 euros to the Safe House today. The donation is part of German support to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to the support of the German Embassy, the hitherto unused premises in the Safe House will be enabled, which will increase the reception capacities. In addition, the donation includes equipment such as dishes, clothes, baby equipment, appliances and furniture.

„Unfortunately, there is a great need for Safe Houses at the moment. We know that domestic violence was on the rise during the pandemic and self-isolation. Safe houses offer protection to women and families, who are not safe in their own home. Safe houses, of course, have limited reception capacities and had to meet higher hygiene standards due to the pandemic. That is why it is important to me that by handing over today's donation, we can support the Safe House in Sarajevo, so that it can accept more women and, if necessary, isolate them spatially.

With today's donation, we are reacting directly to the development of events caused by the coronavirus pandemic. But even after we overcame the pandemic, the capacity of the Safe House, which has been increased thanks to our support, will be available to ensure the safety and protection of women in BiH,“ said Ambassador Uebber when handing over the donation.

The Minister of Labor, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees of the Sarajevo Canton, Jasna Agić, pointed out on this occasion: „Violence is not a private but a social problem, which we must not and cannot ignore, but it is our duty to eradicate it. We have an obligation to protect our daughters, sisters, friends, mothers from violence. We thank the German Embassy and Ambassador Margret Uebber for their donation and support to the Safe House to help overcome the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Ministry is co-financing the stay of victims of violence in the Safe House in Sarajevo, and we hope that we will soon find a solution for its permanent accommodation.“

"The consequences caused by the pandemic affected the Safe House also financially and organizationally. With the outbreak of the epidemic, and due to the lack of space for isolation in order to receive new users, we were forced to stop the reception. We addressed the German Embassy, and the representatives of the Embassy, headed by Ambassador Margret Uebber, immediately recognized the problem and provided support. We express our deep gratitude to the Embassy and the Ambassador. By providing the support to the work and functioning of the Safe House, victims of violence (women and children) from Sarajevo Canton will be provided with protection from violence and continued to be provided adequate support for them, bearing in mind that the Safe House of the Foundation of Local Democracy is the only one in Sarajevo Canton“, emphasized the executive director of the Foundation of Local Democracy, Jasmina Mujezinović.

The German Embassy in Sarajevo has so far provided support in the amount of 39.000 euros in response to the coronavirus pandemic. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has announced that an additional 10 million euros will be made available for the Western Balkans.

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