Information: Membership with European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)

As from 26 October 2010, the Foundation of Local Democracy became a member of European Council on Refugees and Exile (ECRE). With it, the Foundation joined the pan-European network of nongovernmental organizations, established in 1974 with an aim to strengthen the status of refugees and bring focus on their needs in hosting countries of Europe.  ECRE network has devoted its work to the organisations which are directed on promotion of the status of refugees and asylum seekers, aiming to create an alliance of the organizations from all over the Europe. This way, the work of individual organisations as well as the collective impact on asylum and refugee policies - gain power, ultimately improving the position of asylum seekers and refugees. Thus, ECRE acts in behalf of a significant number of nongovernmental organisations, having a power to influence political goals and decisions of the States, international or national, governmental and nongovernmental bodies. Please find more information on the work of ECRE:  It is a great honour for us to take part in work of ECRE and this way, to share the knowledge and experience with the organisations such as:

 Irish Refugee Council

Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights

ICMC (International Catholic Migration Commission)

Irish Refugee Council

Dutch Council for Refugees

Amnesty International EU Office

Refugee Studies Centre

Spanish Red Cross

Croatian Law Centre

Grupa 484

and many more other organisations, whose experiences shall not only improve the work of the Foundation, but shall improve the overall relevant policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as of one of the European countries.

Safe House

Report the violence to the relevant police, welfare center or call us at:

033 222 000

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SOS Phone

You have the right to seek help and get the support of others. We understand you, can and will help you. Stay anonymous and give us a call.

033 222 000 (KS), 1265 (FBiH)

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Center for Women

YOU ARE NOT GUILTY! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! THE EXIT IS OUT! Free legal aid, free psychological and socio-economic support

033 570 560 / 570 561

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