Information on selected applications related to public call from 12 January 2015 for civil society organizations and the concerned public in BiH for participation in the consultation process.

On behalf of Foundation of Local Democracy the consultation will be attended by Ms. Jasmina Mujezinović, Executive Director
Office of DIPAC has in accordance with its responsibilities and jurisdictions made the selection of the following workshop participants to prepare sectoral planning documents (SPD) for the following sectors:
Democracy and Governance (public administration reform, public financial management, statistics)
- "Center for the Citizens’ Interest Advocacy (Foundation CPI)" Sarajevo
- "Transparency International" Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka
- "Center for Civil Initiatives (CCI)" Banja Luka
- "The Center for Management, Development and Planning- MDP Initiatives" Doboj ( reserve)
- "Development and Educational Group" Zenica (reserve)
Justice and Fundamental Rights (the efficiency and independence of the judiciary, access to justice and the quality of implementation of criminal sanctions, the protection of fundamental human rights),
- Dr. Hajrija Sijerčić-Čolic Law Faculty in Sarajevo "
- Association of Unions of the Republic of Srpska " Banja Luka
- " Center for fighting crime policy research -CPRC" Sarajevo
- "Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in the Republic of Srpska" Bijeljina
- "Foundation of Local Democracy" Sarajevo
- "Hope and Homes for Children" Sarajevo (reserve)
- " Sarajevo Open Centre" Sarajevo (reserve)
Law enforcement (fight against organized crime and corruption, cooperation of police agencies and the prosecutions, the fight against new forms of crime, integrated border management, illegal migration, asylum).
- "Association of Prosecutors FBiH" Sarajevo
- "Center for Security Studies (CSS)" Sarajevo
- "Association for the fight against corruption, crime and discrimination in institutions and public institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina" Sarajevo
- "Women's Association" Interactive " Bijeljina (reserve)
- "Transparency International" Banja Luka (reserve)
In accordance with the forthcoming agreements within BiH and DEU related to the dynamics of the preparation of the SPD, DIPAC will contact selected participants in the next period.

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