Photo Club Rišpet from Omis

Photo Club Rišpet from Omis in cooperation with the Center for Engaged Arts and Little School of Photography from Sarajevo, donated 44 photographs to charity and waived their right to further use.

On Monday, 7 Octobar  2013 at 12.00 noon , at the Gallery Boris Smoje a press conference was held on the occasion of the humanitarian exhibition whose revenue has been granted to Home for children without parental care " Bjelave " , Blind and visually impaired persons of Sarajevo Canton , Center for hearing and speech rehabilitation, and to Safe House. On this occasion, the remaining photos, and overall revenue collected from the sale of photos were given to the Safe House of Foundation of Local Democracy and other associations.

The authors exposed 44 photos are Goran Alfirević , Mary Jurčević , Anita Živaljić Čotić , Deni Lokas , John Bodlović , Ivona Bezmalinović , Andrea Matijević Ojdana Šaban , Jelena Veronika Nenadić , Leo Tomić , Joseph and Anthony Dorigatti Fledar , to whome we thanks hereby. Appreciating and respecting the initiative of organizers, on behalf of Safe House of the Foundation of Local Democracy, representative Edita Pršić  handed letter of thanks to hosts and Photo Club Rišpet from Omis.

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