Support to the project "IWB for Refugees"

Upon the call of Isuess Without Borders ( IWB) the organization which dealing in Bulgary, FLD responded and sincerely supported the project IWB for refugees.

 IWB is organization founded in 2013 and as an advocate of human rights and legal equality for all, the mission of IWB is to offer an online platform that empowers its users to take on personal and societal injustices.

 The vision of IWB is to be an online platform for discussion and learning that enables its users to think outside the box and work towards self-development. IWB believes that independent, individual and inventive thinking is indispensable for any society to be free from inequality and human rights violations.

 Within the project IWB for reugees, organization has gathered under its umbrella a team of around 70 talented young voices who document legal and social issues concerning refugee life in the European Union member states. As the last country reports are being finalized, the IWB team is working on a citizens' initiative that will be presented at the national level, and will be registered at the European Commission for the European Citizens Initiative. The petition will be sent in the Parliament of every EU member state and then to the EU Parliament. The goal is to raise 1 million signatures so that a new EU Directive related to issues of refugees will be enforced by the European Commission.

 Read an Interview with Isuess without borders: 

Safe House

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033 222 000

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SOS Phone

You have the right to seek help and get the support of others. We understand you, can and will help you. Stay anonymous and give us a call.

033 222 000 (KS), 1265 (FBiH)

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Center for Women

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