TWO WORKSHOPS HELD THE ASSOCIATED MEMBERS SAFE NETWORK ON THE SUBJECT: The rights of victims of domestic violence in the area of health care

On 02.06.2015. two workshops were conducted for associated members of the Safe Network, a total of 13.

The subject of the workshop was: "The rights of victims of domestic violence in the area of health care." Specifically, the organizations managing the Safe Houses, 8 of them from the Federation and RS, have identified this subject as a priority issue

The first workshop was led by members of the Working Group III "Legislation" and had been implemented by the permanent members of the Safe Network: Foundation of Local Democracy Sarajevo and United Women Banja Luka.

The second workshop was led by members of the Working Group II "Protection and Rehabilitation" and had been implemented by the permanent members of the Safe Network: Vive Žene Tuzla and Lara from Bijeljina

Working groups have organized workshops each in its domain of action. More…

According to the Law on protection from domestic violence in Republika Srpska (Official Gazette 112/12)

“Victims of domestic violence have access to all the subjects of protection and are exempt from all costs of the proceedings (Article 10)

Healthcare will provide a free medical examination of the victim to determine the existence of a violation of the physical or mental integrity (Article 12)”.

However in practice, it is difficult to acquire health care by domestic violence victims because the system requires that the victims contact their family doctor according to the place of residence, and they are not able to because they were moved to a safe house or reside with relatives.

In the Federation, in the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence, the rights of victims of violence to health care are referred to in Articles 31 and 32, which show that these rights are not available:

Article 31.

Provision of basic necessities, the victim of domestic violence has the right to the provision of basic needs for the necessary health, social and material care and the right to be provided with legal assistance to resolve their social, economic and other status.

Protecting victims of domestic violence referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall be provided in accordance with applicable laws prescribing the right to health care and social welfare and the realization of the right to legal assistance.

Article 32.

The financing of the basic forms of protection and the temporary assistance to the victims, the Funds for financing the basic form of protection victims of domestic violence who cannot be provided with protection in accordance with Article 31 of this Law within the existing health care and social welfare system, will be provided within the framework of temporary assistance.

In order to achieve temporary assistance referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, the cantonal government shall issue regulations within six months from the date of entry into force of this law whereby it shall prescribe the manner of achieving the temporary forms of assistance, including legal assistance for victims of domestic violence.

If the victim does not have a certified health card, he/she can only be received in the ambulance or the Centre for Social Work must pay temporary health insurance. The organizations that manage the shelters often have to pay for examinations and medication for women and children- victims of domestic violence.

The aim of the workshops was to identify problems in the provision of health care to victims of domestic violence in the Federation and Republika Srpska, consulting the legislation, specific practices and to agree on further actions that can be taken by Safe Network members to overcome this problem.

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