Support for the Safe Network

Support for the Safe Network

Support for the Safe Network

Implementation period: 01.09.2018‒31.08.2021.

The BiH Safe Network is a network of non-governmental organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina established in 2001 to combat gender-based violence more effectively.

The Safe Network was reactivated in 2011 as a sectoral network with the aim of establishing an institutional framework for the functioning of civil society organizations active in the domestic and regional domestic violence sector, in order make an organized approach to seeking systematic solutions to domestic violence.

Using the synergistic strength of the Safe Network, extensive experience in combating gender-based violence, as well as the knowledge and qualified staff, the Safe Network has launched numerous collaborative activities. The OAK Foundation's financial support over the last 6 years has contributed to the development of the Safe Network into a strong and influential organization capable of effectively advocating for victims of domestic violence and providing them with the assistance and support they need. By signing the Protocol on Cooperation with the BiH Gender Equality Agency, the Safe Network has established cooperation with a governmental institution at the BiH level in implementing the Framework Strategy for the Implementation of the Istanbul Convention. Network representatives participate in the Working Groups for drafting strategic documents at all levels of government

In the last 20 years, members of the Safe Network in eight safe homes in BiH have provided protection and other specialized support services for victims of domestic violence such as the SOS telephone, free legal aid and psychological support. Without these CSO activities, victims of violence would be left alone, unprotected, and deprived of the basic human life without violence.

Authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina have not established a favourable legal and institutional framework in recognizing the importance of safe houses and the financial support necessary for the proper functioning and sustainability of safe houses and other services.

Further development of the system of protection against domestic violence will largely depend on the involvement of civil society. The Safe Network will also make a practical contribution in this area.

The proposed project aims to further strengthen the Safe Network, its members' capacities and increase cooperation with government institutions at all levels of government, especially gender mechanisms, to work together to improve the position of women and children victims of domestic violence by adopting new legal solutions in accordance with the recommendations of the Istanbul Convention.

Our goal is to strengthen the Safe Network as a responsible partner to the institutions of the system in the fight to establish standards for an effective system of protection against domestic violence in BiH.


Safe House

Report the violence to the relevant police, welfare center or call us at:

033 222 000

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SOS Phone

You have the right to seek help and get the support of others. We understand you, can and will help you. Stay anonymous and give us a call.

033 222 000 (KS), 1265 (FBiH)

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Center for Women

YOU ARE NOT GUILTY! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! THE EXIT IS OUT! Free legal aid, free psychological and socio-economic support

033 570 560 / 570 561

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