Manel Vila, honorary citizen of Sarajevo

Manel Vila, the representative of the Foundation District XI , at the ceremonial session of the City Council on April 6,2015 received the plague of honorary citizen at the proposal of the Association „Education Builds BiH” and the Foundation of Local Democracy. With Juana Maria Tintorea and Pasquala Maragalla- former mayor of Barcelona which is also proposed by Foundation of Local Democracy, Manel Vila is third honorary citizen of Sarajevo from twinned city of Barcelona. As Manel Vila said "This recognition is not for me personally, but for the reaction of citizens, civil society, in Barcelona and Catalonia, to the siege of Sarajevo." This was the motive for this FLD’s proposal, having in mind that the beginning of the Foundation of Local Democracy is inextricably tied to the beginning of the war in Sarajevo and the city of Barcelona.

Support to Manel Vila gave the delegation of 80 people, who among other protocol activities visited the Foundation for Local Democracy. On this occasion, the protocol of cooperation between FLD and District XI has been signed. The executive director of FLD, Jasmina Mujezinovic expressed pleasure that once again will collaborate with Manuel Vila- now non-governmental activists.

The period of support that started in the Olympics in Barcelona, assembly of the City of Barcelona, in 1995, adopted the decision to, within its territorial organization of the town (Statute of the City of Barcelona), which consists of 10 districts, form District XI-Sarajevo, when Manuel Villa as a professional politician appointed for administrator.

Right after the establishment, District XI supports the initiative of the Council of Europe on the establishment of the International Humanitarian Organization- Embassy of Local Democracy Barcelona-Sarajevo. Officially it begins with its work on 23 April 1996, until 2003, when the strategic decision adopted to ALD Barcelona- Sarajevo reregister as Foundation for Local Democracy, as a legal successor of ALD Barcelona-Sarajevo.

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