The Foundation for Local Democracy participated in the "IV International Conference on Gender Violence and Health" in Barcelona

The conference brought together representatives of institutions and non-governmental organizations from several countries whose work is focused on preventing and protecting against gender-based violence

Last week, the "IV International Conference on Gender-Based Violence and Health" was held in Barcelona, which brought together representatives of institutions and non-governmental organizations from several countries whose work is focused on prevention and protection from gender-based violence, organized by "Medicus Mundi Mediterania", and with the financial support of the Government of Catalonia and the City of Barcelona.

Jasmina Mujezinović, executive director of the Local Democracy Foundation from Sarajevo, has been engaged in improving the social position of victims of gender-based violence for more than 25 years through prevention and protection from violence, attended the two-day conference as a panelist.

On this occasion, Jasmina presented the work of the Foundation for Local Democracy and spoke about support services such as the Safe House-Shelter for women and children victims of violence, the Women's Center and the SOS number, programs for the economic empowerment of women, which the Foundation launched in order to enable victims to get out from the circle of violence, but also about the cooperation established between institutions and the Foundation of Local Democracy, as well as cooperation with the NGO sector, that is, about the work of the Safe Network of BiH.

- The aim of the conference was to exchange experiences, present the results of work in each of the countries, and agree on future cooperation, especially taking into account the fact of the problem of violence, as well as health problems. Such meetings represent an excellent opportunity for acquiring new knowledge about this topic, the impact of violence on public health, and its consequences for the health of both the victim and her immediate family. New acquaintances were established between the countries with the intention of turning them into longer-term cooperation - says Jasmina.

As part of the conference, the premieres of two films: "Women" and "Maldita, love song for Sarajevo" were held at universities in Barcelona, ​​produced by Medicus Mundi Mediterranija.

The participants of the conference met with Carma Vall, director of the Agency for International Cooperation of the Government of Catalonia, as well as Laura Peres, Minister of Social Protection of the City of Barcelona. With the director of the Local Democracy Foundation, they discussed the very successful 30-year cooperation between Barcelona and Sarajevo, as well as future joint projects and activities aimed at combating and preventing gender-based violence.

The conference is part of the activities of the project "For a life without gender-based violence", implemented for the fourth year in a row by "Medicus Mundi Mediterania" from Barcelona and "Local Democracy Foundation" from Sarajevo.

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