For a life without gender-based violence in Sarajevo (Phase II)

For a life without gender-based violence in Sarajevo (Phase II)

Project for a life without gender-based violence in Sarajevo (Phase II)

A time frame of implementation: 28.12.2020. – 30.11.2022.

The project is implemented in cooperation with Medicus Mundi Mediterania, with the financial support of the City of Barcelona.

The project is a continuation of the first phase of the project already financed by the Barcelona City Council. Its implementation will consolidate and strengthen the comprehensive response of society that will contribute to gender justice, and especially the fight against gender-based violence, through several interrelated strategies:

Advocacy for adapting the country's legislation to international standards and increasing public budgets;

Raise awareness, and provide prevention and special counseling of the adolescent population about the problem of gender-based violence, through the creation of special counseling services for young people, which include the establishment of additional operational service at the FLD Women's Center, the creation of audio-visual material and the education of young people and their teachers

Creation and implementation of a program to provide opportunities for training for the labor market and employment of women victims through social work activation and facilitating the employment of women from risk categories and improving their economic position by creating and establishing a program of social work inclusion of women victims of gender-based violence and awarding economic support

Consolidation of the ability of the Sarajevo health services to help and support women victims of gender-based violence through direct work with the primary health care services in the Canton of Sarajevo

Consolidation and expansion of the offer of services in the FLD Women's Center and the shelter for victims of domestic violence of the Local Democracy Foundation through: continuation of the work of the Center for Women - provision of free legal and psychological support for victims of gender-based violence, expansion of services and programs intended for victims of domestic violence in the Women's Shelter.

Safe House

Report the violence to the relevant police, welfare center or call us at:

033 222 000

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SOS Phone

You have the right to seek help and get the support of others. We understand you, can and will help you. Stay anonymous and give us a call.

033 222 000 (KS), 1265 (FBiH)

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Center for Women

YOU ARE NOT GUILTY! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! THE EXIT IS OUT! Free legal aid, free psychological and socio-economic support

033 570 560 / 570 561

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The Youth
Education Corner

Hub of Knowledge, Support, and Security for Youth

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